About Us

The Information Management Portal is a tool developed by UNHCR – Pakistan, Information Management Unit in 2017,to help the operation in harmonizing

and managing their data /online tools in one secured location with a proper domain easy accessible.

The Information Management Portal includes the following tools/menus:

     - Contact list Information System (CLIS): An online tool developed by Pakistan- IM team to manage office contact lists and enable external user to subscribe to one of the office distribution lists.
The tool have protected limited access to UNHCR staff in Pakistan to search, import or export a contact(s).

     - Operational Data Portal: is a Partners coordination tool for Refugee situations provided by UNHCR, developed by HQs UNHCR and accessible publically.

For Feedback Contact: UNHCR- Pakistan, Information Management Unit,

abdullsa@unhcr.org, Zahoor@unhcr.org ,Shahba@unhcr.org , shah@unhcr.org - Islamabad

Mehmood@unhcr.org, - Peshawar

Raufab@unhcr.org, - Quetta